Enigma FAQ

How can I get involved?

We’re excited to hear that you’re enthused. There are a number of ways to get involved.

Civic Projects

We’ve partnered with governments, non-profits and journalists on projects ranging from data exploration to powering hackathons and investigations. Have something a little larger in mind? Please do be in touch at public-support@enigma.com.

Already worked our data into something you’re working on? Reach out too and let us know. Please, also email us at public-support@enigma.com. We’re always happy to highlight cool projects featuring public data.


Enigma is looking for curious people. If solving uniquely challenging and complex problems excites you, join in. At Enigma we provide the content, tools, and expertise to empower organizations looking to make sense of the world through data. It’s an ambitious project, so we’re recruiting aggressively to find not only the smartest people in the world, but also those who are passionate about our mission. We have a range of open positions.

What is Enigma Public?

Enigma Public is a community platform built on top of the world’s broadest library of public data. Enigma Public enables users to connect, discover and build on public datasets, through the platform or API. Free to all for noncommercial use, Enigma Public is a trusted resource for journalists, data scientists, researchers and anyone else curious about the world around them.

Enigma Public is part of an ecosystem of products from the operational data management and intelligence company Enigma. Learn more about the rest of our offerings here.

Want to know more about Enigma Public or one of our other products? Get in touch.

Is Enigma Public free?

All data in Enigma Public is under Creative Commons license, free for non-commercial use (see Terms of Use). Creating an account on Enigma Public is also free and unlocks additional functionality.

Interested in a commercial application? We offer data packages, with reliability guarantees and methods of delivery aimed at fitting public data into your existing workflows. Learn more on our Data Packages page and reach out to our commercial team at sales@enigma.com.

Why create an account?

Enigma Public is indeed free for non-commercial use, though logged-in users of the platform have additional benefits. Anyone can read through our data guides, search Public’s repository of Public data, filter a table of interest and uncover new connections without an account. We do all of this so that public data gets into the hands of the public. Creating an account, however, allows you to take the next step and dive deeper into the data. Public is the beginning.

With an Enigma Public account you can:

  • Save datasets you’re exploring in a personal collection
  • Export data as a CSV
  • Use our API

Learn more about creating an account here.