Returns snapshot rows as a TableView object. The default is the first 200 rows, but you can use row_limit to select up to 10,000 rows.

Don’t confuse this method with the snapshot’s table_rows attribute. The table_rows attribute also returns a TableView object, but it is empty unless you set row_limit > 0 in the initial get() or list() request.

Required arguments


Optional keyword arguments

See snapshot.get( ) for a list of supported arguments.


Example 1 gets rows 190 through 200 of the specified snapshot (rows are indexed starting from 0), then prints the last row to the console.

public = enigma.Public()
snapshot = public.snapshots.get('c4e2c92a-aa04-4f39-a805-0f144b9a5e6e')
tableview = snapshot.get_rows()[189:200]

Example 2 gets the first 10,000 rows that include the word manhattan from the dataset’s current snapshot.

public = enigma.Public()
dataset = public.datasets.get('d8c29d0d-f283-4eb5-b4d4-460c9779d05d')
tableview = dataset.current_snapshot.get_rows(query='manhattan', row_limit=10000)