Returns a ResourceList of the collection’s child collections (immediate children only). The default is the first 20 child collections, but appending .all() returns a representation for all matching collections. You can iterate over a ResourceList as you would a list.

The examples below demonstrate how to use .all() and list slicing to obtain the collections you want.

Required arguments


Optional keyword arguments

See collections.list( ) for a list of supported arguments.


A ResourceList of collection models.

If you append a list slicing operator ([]), the SDK returns a Python generator. You can iterate over a generator as you would a list.


Example 1 gets the specified collection and then returns the first 20 child collections that are tagged with art.

public = enigma.Public()
collection = public.collections.get('bc5c2c88-687e-4da2-93c3-32237ece39f0')
children = collection.child_collections(has_tag=['art'])

Example 2 returns all collections that are children of the specified collection as a ResourceList.

collection = public.collections.get('bf068aa3-a15c-4db3-bdb1-6d51f91eae5a')
children = collection.child_collections().all()