A snapshot is an array of data records (see How information is organized). Datasets can have multiple snapshots, where each snapshot typically represents the dataset at a different point in time. The most recent snapshot is known as the “current snapshot.”

Delta updates

To update the data within a dataset, you have two options:

  • Add a new snapshot that represents the full set of data records. This is the default behavior when adding a snapshot to a dataset.
  • Add a new snapshot with data records that are appended to a copy of a previous snapshot (the “parent snapshot”). This creates a new snapshot within the dataset and is referred to as a “delta update.”

Snapshot attributes

created_at string <date-time> Date-time stamp indicating when the snapshot was created. READ
dataset object The parent dataset. READ
end_date string <date-time> Like start_date but specifies the end of the date range3.
fields array An ordered array of fields (also known as 'columns' or 'attributes') representing the snapshot’s data schema1.
highlights array For snapshots returned based on a search string, this provides positional information indicating where instances of the specified query string occur. READ
id string <uuid> The snapshot’s unique identifier. This never changes.
ingest_schema array The schema provided during snapshot ingestion (Assembly v1.6.5 or higher)2. READ
ingest_status object See below2. READ
ingest_url string The snapshot's source URL (Assembly v1.6.5 or higher)2. READ
owner_id string <uuid> The unique identifier of the user who created the resource. READ
parent_snapshot object The id attribute of the snapshot from which this snapshot was formed (see 'Delta updates' above).
record_start_date string <date-time> Used with the 'as of' feature3.
row_count integer <int64> The number of records (rows) within the snapshot’s data. READ
size integer <int64> Total disk space used by the snapshot (in bytes). READ
start_date string <date-time> Optionally specifies the beginning of the date range the data represents3.
stats object <stats> Statistical information about the snapshot. READ
table_rows object The data contained within the snapshot. READ

1 See SnapshotField attributes below.

2 The ingest_status, ingest_url, and ingest_schema attributes are visible to Enigma admin users only.

3 Reserved for future use.

SnapshotField attributes

data_type string Values: boolean datetime decimal geo_point geo_shape integer string

The field type. geo_point and geo_shape support location-based searches1.
description string A description of the field.
display_name string The field name displayed as the column label in the Assembly client interface.
is_serialid boolean true if this field represents an Enigma Serial ID (row identifier added by Enigma and unique within this snapshot -- not part of the source dataset). READ
name string The internal field name (characters a-zA-Z0-9_ only; must begin with a letter or an underscore). REQUIRED
visible_by_default boolean When true (the default value), the field is displayed within the Assembly client interface.

1 See Location-based searches for details.