Returns the snapshot models for the snapshots under the dataset specified by the {dataset_id} parameter. Use the Range header to limit the number of snapshots returned.

Query parameters

filter string Returns only snapshots where the specified attribute matches the specified value, for example, created_at>2018-03-09. created_at and record_start_date are supported. false
ingest_status string Returns only snapshots where the ingest_status attribute matches the specified value (SUCCESS, FAILURE, or INGESTING). false
sort array List of snapshot attributes indicating how to sort the snapshots. created_at, record_start_date, start_date, and end_date are supported. For example, -created_at sorts the snapshots by creation date, with the most recent listed first. created_at is the default sort attribute. false

Try it out

First enter the ID:

Enter any desired query parameters and click Send to view the response:



200 The snapshot model for each snapshot.
206 The snapshot model for each snapshot.
401 Invalid login credentials
404 Requested resource not found


This example returns the snapshot metadata from each snapshot associated with the specified dataset (“Companies listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange”).

$ curl -X GET ''