December 29

The dataset inspector now includes separate tabs for lineage metadata (which may include links to the source data as well as details of when the dataset was last updated) and field information. For details, see Selecting a dataset and Viewing a dataset.

The star icon lets you save the dataset to a personal collection.

December 8

When you’re signed into Enigma Public, you’ll see our newest datasets featured at the top of the home page.

The dataset viewer now supports filtered exports. If you applied any filters to the dataset, you can choose to download the full dataset or the current filtered view. For more information about exports, see Downloading data.

When using the search bar, you’ll now see the number of metadata hits as well as the number of data hits displayed on the search results page. For more information about searching, see Searching for information.

If you’re an Enigma Public API user, you can now use the search_filter parameter on the GET /datasets/ endpoint to locate datasets that have been updated since the date you specify. See GET /datasets/ for details.

Additionally, you can download filtered exports using the query parameter on the GET /export/{id} endpoint.

November 3

We’ve further enhanced the search bar so you can now search within collections. Start typing any part of the collection name and you’ll see a list of matching collections you can choose from. If you leave this field empty, you’ll search all collections. There’s also a new “Search Within Collection” button that prefills the search field with the name of the current collection. For more information, see Searching for information.

A new feature in the data viewer lets you right-click on a cell to filter data or launch a global search based on the cell value. The filtering option performs column filtering, and the search option searches all of Enigma Public. For details, see [Filtering and searching on a cell value][public_v20_user_filtering#filter_search_cell].

October 4

We’ve enhanced the search bar so you can search data only, metadata only, or both. Click the folder button and choose the option you want. For more information, see Searching for information.

We’ve also introduced a completely updated data table viewer with improved filtering options. The viewer displays row numbers so you can reference a specific row, and the tabs on the left let you switch easily between the dataset inspector and the fields view. Additionally, you can copy data from one or more cells by selecting the cells and then pressing Ctrl-C (PC) or Command-C (Mac). The filtering options are now easily accessible above the data table. For more information, see Viewing a dataset.