Downloads the snapshot specified by {snapshot_id}. Exports are returned as CSV files.

Query parameters


Name Type Description Required
query string Query string to export only rows that contain specific information. false
query_mode string advanced1, phrase2, or simple. Defaults to simple. false
phrase_distance2 int If query_mode=phrase, this specifies the proximity search distance. For example, if query=sovereign%20country and phrase_distance=0, the two words must be next to each other. If phrase_distance=1, it also matches “sovereign island country”. false
include_serialids boolean Set include_serialids=true to include the Enigma Serial ID column in the exported CSV file (default is false). false

1 advanced query mode is not supported.

2 Enigma Public and Assembly 1.4.5 or higher only




This example downloads a CSV file with rows containing the word enigma.

$ curl -X GET '' -H 'Authorization: Bearer <APIKEY>'