Returns the dataset model for the dataset specified by the {dataset_id} parameter.

By default you don’t get any snapshot data. If you set row_limit > 0, the API returns the specified number of data records (rows) from the current snapshot as well (maximum 10,000 rows).

If you specify a query string, the endpoint returns matching rows from the current snapshot, as well as positional information indicating where instances of the specified query string occur (you can use this to highlight text in the search results). You must set row_limit > 0.

Query parameters

row_sort string Specifies the field used to sort the records within the dataset (must set row_limit > 0). If you specify row_offset as well, the records are sorted first and then the offset is applied. Prepend the field name with a minus sign (-) to specify descending order (defaults to ascending). false
mode string Values: advanced simple
Defaults to simple.
row_limit integer Number of rows to return (defaults to 0; maximum 10,000). false
row_offset integer Number of rows to skip at the beginning of the snapshot (for example, row_offset=10 skips the first 10 rows). false
query string Query string to return only rows that contain specific information (must set row_limit > 0). false

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200 The dataset model for the dataset.
422 Unable to serialize entity
500 Elasticsearch response error


This example returns the dataset attributes for the specified dataset (“NASDAQ Stock Exchange”), plus the first two data records from the current snapshot.

$ curl -X GET ''